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To Catch a Predator episode archive

I do not believe I am infringing on NBC's copyrights as they do not show/air these anymore.

I have these episodes up so the general public can watch it in it's entirety. I believe shows like To Catch a Predator should be preserved, both to educate, and for those who enjoy watching disgusting people throw their lives away.

I have sourced these from multiple places:

I am currently working on getting each episode in higher quality ripped straight from TV, this may take a bit as it's costly.

Resolution information is in each episodes .nfo file. You can open these in Notepad, they're just XML data.

I am still missing S00E14 (To Catch a Lotto Scammer). If you have a full rip of this episode, any higher quality versions of other episodes, please contact me:

These rips will import into Plex/Emby/Jellyfin/Kodi. I have reencoded the .avis for web viewing, however I would not recommend using these in a media server setting.

This wget command should let you download the original files: wget -m -np -c -R "index.html*" -R "*_enc.mp4" ""

If you do not have wget on your system, you can get it here: (Windows) / (macOS) / (Linux/BSD/Solaris)